This group started out on as NC Mountain Motorcycle Riders

A brief history

There use to be two or three meetup groups back in the 2010s that were merged into this one group and dues were started to cover the meetup costs. As time went on, different people were in charge of the group. In the end of 2018, this group was turned over to myself, John Fauerbach, to run. Bill and I lead most to all rides since then. As the cost of meetup kept going up, and posting rides using only a cell phone was difficult, I started looking for another way to run this group without using meetup.

Durning my search I could not find any really good free solutions. I use google sheets at work and use it to keep all the routes we ride organized. Google forms were being used more at my work place to enter information into sheets and I found a way for sheets to send email out. In 2021, I figured out a way to use google sites, sheets, and forms to try to run this group.

In January 2022, we started to post rides on both meetup and google sheets/form/emails. By April, we enable a way to post pictures taking on rides. In April 2022, we shut down the meetup group.

Where we are going

In January 2023, we started a new dual sport group to post dual sport gravel rides.