How do I join this group to receive emails about upcoming rides?

To join the group, you will need to click on the icon to the left of "Join Email Street Ride Announcement List" on the home page currently located on the top left and then fill out and submit the form. Ther is also a "Join Email Dual Sport Ride Announcement List"

How often do we post rides?

We currently try to post at least one ride each weekend. These rides will be posted if the chance of rain is below 40% and temperature is above 50F. Also, since Bill and John lead the majority of street rides, we have to be available to lead the ride. Sometimes we may post rides for other days of the week depending on our schedule and weather.

What type of motorcycles do the group street ride?

It appears that about half the group are currently riding BMWs and the rest are riding other types. Very few, if any, are harleys due to issues with scraping in curves.

What happens if there is an accident or break down during the ride?

Accidents and break downs are very rare for us but they have happened in the past. Each one may be handled differently from previous ones depending on what happens. Normally, both the ride leader and the sweeper are in bluetooth communications when the distance is not too far between them. If the distance is too far for communications and wait is too long (5 to 10 mins) for rest of the group to show up at a turn, somebody in the first part of the group will go back and check on the last part of the group. That person will then report back to the first part of the group.

How can I be added to the emergency contact list?

There is an emergency contact list that only John and Bill have access to. It is recommended for all people in the group to have their information included in this list. Please email this information to the same email address that sends out the ride posting. The email address is not posted on this website to prevent spam. This list is also printed out and kept on John and Bill's motorcycles in case of no cell service. A few select others in the group know where this paper is kept on the bike in case the leader is the person in the accident.

Where do we street ride?

When above 60F, we normally ride on back roads in western NC and eastern TN. When 60F and below, we head down to SC or over to east of Lake James. We perfer paved back roads and avoid four lanes. At times we do need to ride on four lanes to access more distant places for back roads while reducing time and miles for the ride.

How fast or slow do we ride?

We ride around the posted speed limit. If you are a slow rider, you will be near the back of the group. Please ride at your own safe speed. We prefer to ride faster and wait on slower riders at turns than to ride at the pace of the slowest rider.

How often do we take breaks?

We try to stop every 1 to 1.5 hours or 30-70 miles between stops. The first stop is normally 1.5 hours into the ride. We normally try to stop at gas stations. since we ride a lot of back roads. If there are no gas stations around then we look for churches or big pull off areas or closed business.

How long and far are the rides?

If leaving at 10am or earlier, the rides are normally 6 to 8 hour and 170 to 250 miles. If leaving around 12:30pm, the rides are normally 4 to 5 hours and around 150 to 170 miles.

How do I stay in the group after joining?

In order to stay in this group, you must join us on three rides every six months or six rides per calendar year. You will be removed from the group if you don't meet these requirements.

Is there any cost?

Currently, there is no charge to join this group. However, this may change in the future depending on costs to operate this group.

Do we stop for lunch on the ride?

Almost all the time we do not stop for lunch at any restaurant. Please bring food and drinks with you or buy them at gas station stops. Sometimes we may stop at a fast food restaurant. However, this is rare since we ride in locations where restaurants don't exist. We do stop about every hour for those people who brought snacks.

When do we stop for gas?

Your motorcycle should be able to manage at least 100 miles at the start of the ride. If you feel that you have less than 50 miles of gas left, please inform the ride leader at the current stop that the next stop needs to be at a gas station. The ride leader will figure out where to get gas within the next 50 miles.