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What our riding group is about

Based out of Asheville, NC, our street rides are mainly on paved and very curvy roads through out Western NC, Eastern TN, Northern SC (in winter). We try to avoid 4 lane highways but there are times we must ride then due to connection to other roads or to reach different roads that are further outside of the area. We try to avoid gravel but some routes may have it and will be posted if we know it ahead of time. We normally have betwen 3 to 15 riders per ride with an average of around 5 bikes.

Our seperate dual sport group rides are on paved and gravel roads.  Some of the gravel roads will got through creek crossings.  We have a limited about of routes due to limit number of gravel roads within 75 miles of Asheville, NC.  All dual sport ride annoucements will contain dual sport in the subject line.

We welcome all riders regardless of brand or style to come ride with us. Doesn't matter your age but prefer at least a year or 1,000 miles of experience on curvy back roads or Blue Ridge Parkway or confortable on normal forest service gravel roads for our dual sport group.

We also want to make sure your machine is safe as well. For street rides, If you ride a 200cc or smaller bike or less than 25hp, you may have trouble keeping up with the group and prefer larger bike to handle the mountains. On the other end, very large bikes with limited clearance on turns are hard to handle in the curvy roads. We are not a fast group but not slow either. We perfer to wait at next turn instead of slowing the whole group down for slow riders.

We want our rides to be fun and safe for all involved and we don't intentionally leave anyone behind. We will normally have weekend street rides, weather permitting, 175(+/-50) miles and around 4-8 hours in length during the season and sometime weekday rides. We promote safe, fun, and family friendly rides. Come join us and share your love of the open road and make new friends.

Each ride there will be a Kurviger ( https://kurviger.de/ ) route posted. Clicking on the link on a computer should bring up the website. If you have an android phone, there is a kurviger app. The free one does not anounce turns while the pro version does. If you have an iphone, you can export the route to Scenic using the share button on the website and then installing Scenic on your iphone. Most exports of routes to standalone GPS does not appear to be accurate at this time.

Please keep in mind that we have rules we expect all riders to follow, failure to follow these rules may lead to your removal from our group:

1. Always ride safe and never put those on your bike or riding with you in danger intentionally. Please ride in your own limits and don't try to keep up with the group if you feel we are too fast. We will wait at turns.

2. Keep it family friendly. Don't come to our events and do anything that would offend a child or my mother. That goes for language and attitude. We are not a gang, we don't wear colors, and we do our best to make everyone feel welcome. If you cannot get along with others, use excessive bad language, or do other things that are not considered family friendly, you will be banned from the group.

3. Just say no! No drugs or alcohol at any of our events. The only exception is if we are having a non riding event and you wish to have a beer, or at the end of the ride if we all meet for supper and you want a beer with your meal. But no excessive drinking. If you come drunk or get drunk at one of our events you will be banned. Illegal drugs will get you banned no matter what they are or why you are using them.

4. In order to stay in this group, you must join us on 3 rides every 6 months or 6 rides per calendar year.  You will be removed from the group if you don't me these requirements.  Currently there is no charge to join this group but this may change in the future depending on costs to run this group like this domain name.

One other thing to consider is your distance from our group. If you live more than 50 miles from the Asheville area, you may find it hard to participate in our group. If this is the case for you I would recommend that you find a group closer to where you live to ride with.

"Motorcycling is not inherently dangerous. It is, however extremely unforgiving of inattention, ignorance, incompetence or stupidity" - Author Unknown. Pretty sure that author was a rider.


Only active members (ride with us once per month on average) may join and stay in this group.  Send email to same address as ride announcments come from to request a invitation link.

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